725-i. Benin Capacity Development 2005-2011

In 2006 and 2007, the NCEA has assisted the Environment Agency in Benin (ABE) in undertaking an SEA for Benin’s National Strategy for Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction. In 2013, a follow-up capacity development programme was started.

Significant details

Started: 2005

Process and activities

The Environment Agency in Benin (ABE) requested the NCEA to support with carrying out an SEA for Benin's National Strategy for Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction 2007-2009 (SCRP). The NCEA was selected due to its earlier involvement in a similar process in Ghana. In these activities, the NCEA cooperated with GTZ and UNDP.

The following activities were undertaken:

  • Workshop on ex-post environmental assessment and presentation of good practices in SEA;
  • Support to development of nine discussion papers that were integrated in the draft SCRP;
  • Workshop focused on impact assessment of SCRP;
  • Contributions to editing the SEA report;
  • Contributions to other workshops on the Principles of the Paris Declaration and the 'greening' of poverty reduction strategy papers.

The NCEA together with GTZ and UNDP also provided comments on the SEA report and on a methodological guide for integrating environmental issues in poverty policies.


The activities of the NCEA resulted in several recommendations being integrated in the SCRP, thereby improving EIA procedures and good governance. After this project, the environmental clausules in the SCRP provided a good entry point for operationalizing policies, developing indicators, and further improving the environmental assessment system. Another important result of the activities is the new collaboration between the Environmental Ministry and the Financial Ministry.


The NCEA visited Benin in 2011 to explore possibilities for a West African regional programme. At that time, the opportunities for EIA strengthening activities were limited. In 2013, however, a reconnaissance mission of the NCEA to Benin led to a renewed momentum for cooperation between the NCEA and ABE as well as ABPEE (the association of EIA professionals in Benin).

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Technical secretary: Gwen van Boven

Further details

Country: Benin

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