7249. Strategy for impact assessment in the national programme Circular Economy

Upon request of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Afairs the NCEA (under the Sustainability Advice programme) gave support about impact assessment of strategic choices by public-private transition platforms. The Dutch-driven platforms defined in january 2018 their agendas to transform to a circular economy. The agenda's were to be supported by the national government in a National Programme for a Circular Economy. The interests of poor and middle income countries were poorly represented in these platforms. The Ministry was interested in creating more positive impact for these countries and in preventing mistakes (like the earlier government choice to stimulate the use of tropical biomass as fuel). NCEA advised about modalities for impact assessment in this context.

Significant details

The NCEA advised the Ministry to offer to the transiton platforms three modalities for impact assessment:

- strategic analysis: scoping the opportunities and threats to poor and middle income countries of the platforms' initial transition agendas (published in january 2018);

- sustainable development analysis of specific scoped-out opportunities and threats;

- independent review of the sustainable development analyses, in case the platforms find them insufficient base to choose a sustainable course of action (an independent second opinion).

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Technical secretary: Sibout Nooteboom

Further details

Last modified: 02 Jul 2019