724-i. Indonesia Capacity Development

Since 2006, the NCEA has been involved in a range of ad-hoc activities in Indonesia, at the request of different co-operation partners (the Government of Indonesia, UNEP, Danida, and environmental NGOs). In recent years, the NCEA has worked mostly with the Ministry for Environment and Forestry.

Significant details

Started: 2006

Process and activities

The following activities have been undertaken by the NCEA to develop EIA/SEA capacity in Indonesia:

  • Input for UNEP on the role of SEA in operation of the 'Rehabilitation and Reconstruction for the Region and Community of Aceh and Nias', following the 2004 tsunami;
  • Support to mainstreaming of environmental concerns in development plans and awareness-raising for SEA;
  • Various trainings, including workshops on water management and climate change, SEA and climate change, SEA and spatial planning, and courses on EIA/SEA and participation for environmental NGO Walhi;
  • Advice to planning agency Bappenas on application of SEA to the National Development Plan;
  • Support of Environmental Ministry KLH in identifying lessons learned on SEA and setting priorities for SEA;
  • Discussions on organizing EIA review with EIA professionals;
  • Contributions to the SEA for the National Capital Integrated Coastal Development Plan (NCICD), including mobilizing environmental authorities, informing on SEA requirements, and advice on scoping.

The NCEA also issued an independent advice on a ToR for EIA for the Jakarta Urgent Flood Mitigation Project and Recommendations for Good Practice EIA in Indonesian Tin Mining.



The various activities undertaken in Indonesia each have their own results. Activities with UNEP, for example, have improved cooperation and knowledge exchange with UNEP's Disaster Management Branch. Activities with Walhi improved understanding between the NGO and government representatives on EIA priorities, and resulted in an action plan for Walhi to support EIA practice. SEA capacity and awareness of Bappenas and KLH were improved, specifically concerning application of SEA in the planning process.

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Technical secretary: Bobbi Schijf

Further details

Country: Indonesia

Last modified: 08 Jul 2021