7237-01. Mining, Environmental and Social Assessment - Burkina Faso

Environmental and social impact assessment in Burkina Faso: focus on mining and improving the assessment system.     

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22 Dec 2022: Other
7237-01 CNEE Rapport d'atelier sur les aspects sociaux dans EIES pour le secteur minier

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In 2017, the staff of the National Office for Environmental Assessments and the NCEA carried out an analysis of the national system of environmental and social impact assessments. The analysis has been used to strengthen capacities of both the new National Environmental Assessment Egency, ANEVE, and its predecessor, the National Office for Environmental Assessments. In June 2020, the Council of Ministers of Burkina Faso approved the change of the National Office for Environmental Assessments into an Agency (ANEVE) with more responsibilities and autonomy to approve environmental assessments.
Two years later, in July 2022, after the Covid peak, NCEA and ANEVE discussed possibilities for future collaboration in general, and specifically in the mining sector. The Ministry of Mining and Quarries in Burkina faso (MMC) together with NCEA organised a stakeholder workshop to assess strengths and weakness of environmental assessment in relation to mining. They concluded that environmental and social impact assessments for mining need to pay more attention to closure and rehabilitation and to social impacts. ANEVE, MMC and NCEA are now discussing possible ways forwards, involving other actors where adding value.

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Karima Broche Derradji, MSc

Technical secretary: Joyce Kortlandt

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Country: Burkina Faso

Last modified: 27 Sep 2022