7186. Review scoping report coal fired power plant - Ghana

In order to determine whether to develop a 700MW Super Critical Coal Power Project, the Government of Ghana has prepared and submitted a scoping report for review by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of that country. The latter has requested the NCEA to assist in the reviewing of the EIS and this scoping report.

Advisory reports and other documents

28 Jan 2016: Memorandum
2016-02 Coal Fired Power Plant

Significant details

For this purpose the NCEA performed a short desk review of the scoping report, a so-called NCEA 'Advice of the secretariat'. In this review the NCEA focused on the proposed technology choices 1) in light of Ghana’s energy and climate policies and 2) given the wide availability of cleaner technology to produce electricity.

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Huub Stassen

Technical secretary: Sjoerd Harkema

Further details

Country: Ghana

Last modified: 06 Nov 2018