7162. Environmental and Social Impacts Associated with the Gulpur Hydropower Project, Pakistan

The NCEA's Dutch Sustainability Unit (DSU) advised the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) on environmental and social impacts associated with the Proposed Gulpur Hydropower Project, State of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan.

Advisory reports and other documents

13 Apr 2015: Advisory review
SU01-69 Advice

Significant details

The DSU's advice focused on the efficacy of the environmental and social impact assessment work undertaken to meet applicable safeguard requirements; specific concerns raised by MFA; check against 14 “sustainability factors” first introduced in the DSU’s earlier review of the Sounda Gorge Hydropower project in the Republic of Congo.

Parties involved

Members of the working group

David Annandale

Technical secretary: Sibout Nooteboom

Further details

Country: Pakistan

Last modified: 19 Mar 2019