7124. Climate Change Screening of Embassies' Water and Food Programmes

In April and May of 2014, a team of experts supported eleven Dutch Embassies to better integrate climate change in their water and food security programmes. This team consisted of experts from the Centre for Development Innovation (CDI at Wageningen University), the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP), Dr Kadi Warner (World Resources Institute seconded expert, senior advisor for DGIS on environment and climate), and the DSU.

Significant details

The DSU performed various roles in this process, as a coordinator/leader, workshop facilitator, and climate expert.

Despite the time pressure, the partners were able to cooperate successfully and deliver high-quality products that were appreciated by the Embassies and DGIS. Some Embassies requested annual updates of the country-specific climate change information that was provided. The Pitch & Bids helped DGIS to report on progress on objectives of climate change adaptation and mitigation, and increased the awareness of climate change issues among Embassy personnel.

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Technical secretary: Arend Kolhoff

Further details

Country: Netherlands (the)

Last modified: 19 Aug 2019