7109-01. Gas for Gaza Palestinian Territories

The Gas 4 Gaza (G4G) project facilitates the planning and construction of a gas pipeline form the Israeli gas network to the Gaza power plant. This project is subject to ESIA, both according to the Palestinian regulation, as well as to meet safeguards of potential financiers. The Palestinian Energy and Natural Resources Authority (PENRA) is the project proponent. The Environmental Quality Authority (EQA) is responsible for approving the scoping document and ESIA report, as part of the Palestinian ESIA procedure. PENRA and the EQA have jointly requested that the NCEA advise on the scoping conclusions, and review the ESIA report. 

Advisory reports and other documents

09 May 2022: Advisory review
7109-01 NCEA Advisory Review of the Scoping Report for the ESIA for Gas for Gaza

Significant details

The ESIA process for the G4G project is two staged: Phase 1 is the scoping stage, Phase 2 is the assessment stage. At the end of Phase 1 the ESIA team have delivered a scoping document or ESSS (Environmental and Social Scoping Study). At the end of Phase 2, an ESIA report will be delivered.

The NCEA has reviewed the scoping document or ESSS, and documented its conclusions. The NCEA notes that a comprehensive scoping process has taken place. We also provide a range of recommendations for the remaining ESIA work. Specifically to optimise alignment between ESIA, engineering and other work processes, to more explicitly identify and develop opportunities to avoid negative effects, and to ensure that impacts on biodiversity are fully understood.

The development of the G4G project is supported by a Task Force, launched and chaired by the Office of the Quartet (OQ). The OQ was established to help mediate Middle East peace negotiations and to support Palestinian economic development and institution building. The Dutch government is one of the donors to the OQ and has been providing technical and political support to the G4G project. 

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Karima Broche Derradji, MSc
Rodrigo Fernández-Mellado, BSc
Heike Pflästerer, PhD

Technical secretary: Arthur Philip Neher

Further details

Country: Palestinian territories

Last modified: 14 Dec 2023