7025-03. Central Africa Programme with SEEAC and COMIFAC

Commission for Forests of Central Africa (COMIFAC) is an intergovernmental organisation in Central Africa that focuses on sustainable management of forests in the Congo Basin. In 2016, COMIFAC developed, with support from SEEAC (national environmental assessment associations and their regional secretariat), a Directive with guidelines for environmental assessment for the forested zones in 10 Central African countries. 

Significant details

A key feature in the Directive is the requirement to establish indepedendent institutions for ESIA review. This directive was adopted by the Council of Ministers in the same year and must now be transposed into the national laws and regulations of member states.

COMIFAC is planning to assist member states in the transposition of the mentioned Directive and signed MoUs with SEEAC and the NCEA for support and technical assistance. 

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Technical secretary: Gwen van Boven

Further details

Country: Burundi; Cameroon; Central Africa; Central African Republic; Chad; Congo Brazzaville; Democratic Republic of Congo; Equatorial Guinea; Gabon; Rwanda; Sao Tome and Principe

Last modified: 01 Apr 2021