7020-01. Coaching EIA Association ABEIE - Burundi

The Burundian Association for Environmental Impact Assessment (ABEIE) aims to contribute to the strengthening of the ESIA system, the development of related capacities, and to strengthen its own position as a center of expertise and partner of MEEATU. It is in this context that ABEIE has requested direct technical support from the NCEA. The two partners signed a MoU for this purpose for the years 2014-2018.  

Significant details

In order to be able to manage the environmental impacts of public and private investments, Burundi has regulated ESIA through the publication of an EIA Decree of 7 October 2010. Since then, much effort has been put into refining the regulatory framework and implementing the tool. Nevertheless, much remains to be done. ABEIE aims to continue its contribution to strengthening the ESIA system, developing its related capacities, and strengthening its position as a centre of expertise and partner of MEEATU.

From 2008 until the end of 2013, the NCEA provided technical support to ABEIE and other national associations in the sub-region, within the framework of the Support Programme for National Associations for Environmental Assessment in Central Africa (PAANEEAC). See also: 7025-01.

Since the end of the PAANEEAC programme, the NCEA has continued to directly support national associations in Rwanda (APEIER) and Burundi (ABEIE).

In addition, since 2011, for Burundi, the CNEE has functioned as a technical partner of the Ministry of Water, Environment, Spatial Planning and Urban Planning (MEEATU) with the aim of strengthening the system of Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA). See also: 7020-02.

In April 2015, aiming at improving the quality of EIA reports in Burundi, the ABEIE organised a training session for EIA consultants in Burundi on the application of the standard Terms of Reference that have been developed by MEEATU. Applying these ToR to their own EIA reports, the consultants analysed what they could do differently in the future. The session also yielded recommendations to MEEATU on how to improve the ToR, either in terms of contents, or in terms of instructions to the user. The session was facilitated by Gijs Hoevenaars and Gwen van Boven of the NCEA.

From May 2015 to date, the political and safety situation has not allowed a continuation of the activities under this MoU. The NCEA monitors the situation closely and intends to resume activities as soon as deemed possible.

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Technical secretary: Gwen van Boven

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Country: Burundi

Last modified: 21 Dec 2023