7019-02. Capacity Development Ethiopia - SEA Seminar Ministry of Water

Within the Ministry of Water, irrigation and Electricity (MOWIE) in Ethiopia, the Environment and Climate Change Directorate (ECCD) is responsible for ESIA, SEA and policy development. In 2017, the ECCD planned to integrate SEA in the new water policy that they intended to develop. To get support for this idea, ECCD wanted to raise awareness on the importance of SEA for water planning and the role it could play in that context.   

Significant details

To this end, the ECCD organised a 3-day seminar on SEA for water policy makers. ECCD asked the Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment (NCEA) to act as resource person for this seminar. Part of the seminar was a needs assessment to identify required steps to integrate SEA and to operationalise it after integration. 

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Technical secretary: Gwen van Boven

Further details

Country: Ethiopia

Last modified: 12 Oct 2021