399-i. Appraisal of EIA Requirements for Projects under the Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Food Security (FDOV), 2014 Call

The NCEA issued a memorandum that appraises the EIA requirements for proposals submitted to the Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Food Security Fund (FDOV), according to the EIA regulations of the country in which the proposed project is to take place.

Significant details

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) administers a number of funds intended to support water and sanitation, as well as food security. In 2014 these included the Sustainable Water Fund (FDW), the Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Food Security Fund (FDOV) and the Ghana Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Fund (WASH). The NCEA supports these facilities. The NCEA checks the proposal against the local national EIA legislation, and advises on the demands that the legislation pose for the proposal, and how to most effectively fulfil these.

In this memorandum, the NCEA appraised the EIA requirements for 30 project proposals from 22 countries submitted to the FDOV.

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Technical secretary: Bobbi Schijf

Further details

Country: Africa; Asia; Central America

Last modified: 06 May 2019