397-i. Review of ESIA for sugar production - Rwanda

Kabuye Sugar Works is the proponent of this project that aims to contribute to competitive, sustainable and inclusive sugarcane value chain development. The objectives of the project are to  increase the area of arable land for sugarcane cultivation by reclamation of papyrus infested land, thus increasing sugarcane production and eventually reduce the import of sugarcane. The project will have two major components being construction/reclamation and sugarcane production.  

Advisory reports and other documents

30 Aug 2013: Memorandum
ESIA for Sugar Production

Significant details

The Netherlands Embassy in Rwanda asked NCEA to review the quality of the project brief. The aim of the project brief is to assist the Investment Implementation division of Rwanda Development Board to assess the level of requirement for the ESIA study.

The NCEA supports the conclusion in the project brief that a full ESIA is required, but is also of the opinion that the project brief provides insufficient information to justify the conclusion that the proposed project does not pose any serious environmental concerns. A conclusion on the environmental impacts can only be drawn after a review of the full ESIA.

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Technical secretary: Ineke Steinhauer

Further details

Country: Rwanda

Last modified: 24 May 2019