369-i. Comments: EIA report for geothermal plant - Bolivia

The NCEA provided comments on an EIA report for a geothermal plant which is to be established near a protected area in Bolivia.

Advisory reports and other documents

29 Jun 2010: Other
Memorandum by the NCEA

Significant details

Bolivia's Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energy had an agreement with Japan to establish a geothermal plant near the Laguna Colorada, located in a protected area. JICA (Japan) invited the Netherlands Embassy in Bolivia (which is funding two activities that are associated with this location) and the NCEA to comment on the EIA report for this project. A specific issue to take into account was the concern of local people that groundwater and lake water levels may be impacted by the project - thereby negatively affecting tourism in the area.

In an advice of the secretariat (in Spanish), the NCEA submitted its observations on the EIA report. The NCEA's main conclusion was that the report does not contain sufficient data on local/regional geology and hydrogeology to allow for a full assessment of environmental impacts. Specific issues that need to be taken into account are mentioned in the memorandum.

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Technical secretary: Ineke Steinhauer

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Country: Bolivia

Last modified: 08 Apr 2019