086-i. Advice on ToR: Post Conflict Impact Assessment for mining - DRC

The NCEA advised on priorities for a Post Conflict Impact Assessment (PCIA) for reconstruction of the mining sector in Katanga.  

Advisory reports and other documents

11 Nov 2010: Terms of reference

Significant details

The United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) assists the DRC in its post-conflict reconstruction planning. Part of its assistance exists of providing a Post Conflict (environmental and social) Impact Assessment (PCIA). UNEP has decided that this assessment will address four aspects related to post conflict reconstruction, one of which is reconstruction of the mining sector in Katanga. For this component of the PCIA, UNEP has requested the NCEA to advise on the present state of knowledge as well to identify gaps in knowledge on this topic.

The NCEA's advice is based on the OECD's SEA Task Team's approach, which assumes main stakeholders to be consulted throughout the process. The NCEA composed a working group, paid a site visit and had interviews with various stakeholder representatives. Based on this information, the NCEA recommends priorities for the PCIA study in an 'advise on pre-Terms of Reference (ToR)'. In this advice, the NCEA recommends a number of priorities for the PCIA:

  • Governance of the mining sector (including actual governance, investment climate, transparency, and environment);
  • Prospects and alternatives for the artisanal mining sector;
  • Structure of the mining sector.

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Serge Cogels
Fernando Fahl, MSc
Piet Hein van der Kleijn, M.Sc.

Chair: Aad van der Velden
Technical secretary: Reinoud Post

Further details

Country: Democratic Republic of Congo

Last modified: 23 Apr 2019