081-i. Advice on ToR: EIA for flood mitigation in Jakarta, Indonesia

The NCEA advised on Terms of Reference (ToR) for an EIA for the Jakarta Urgent Flood Mitigation Project, with a focus on dredging and sludge disposal.

Advisory reports and other documents

04 Jun 2008: Terms of reference
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081 tor EIA JUFM_Indonesia.pdf

Significant details

The Jakarta Urgent Flood Mitigation Project (JUFMP) aims to reduce the risk of flooding to the city of Jakarta. In order to do so, it plans to rehabilitate a selection of waterways and retention basins - mostly via dredging and sludge disposal - thereby restoring their capacity to carry the original design flows. The project is expected to include resettlement and a capacity building component. The Ministry of Public Works and the provincial government of Jakarta (DKI) requested the NCEA  to advise on the Terms of Reference (ToR) for the EIA for this project.

The NCEA therefore formed a working group and issued an advice on ToR in which it provides guidelines for the EIA for this project. Due to the involvement of the World Bank in the project, these guidelines are designed to meet the standards of both the Indonesian EIA commission and the World Bank. The NCEA's advice contains the following sections as advised elements of the EIA study:

  • Resettlement of people living on waterway embankments, near retention basins, or at proposed disposal sites;
  • Dredging of channel, drain banks and retention basins;
  • Rehabilitation of embankments;
  • Processing of sludge;
  • Transport of sludge;
  • Disposal of sludge.

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Soeryo Adiwibowo
Prastowo Prastowo
Eduard (Bart) Schultz
Hugo Vos
Rob van Zoest

Chair: Klaas-Jan Beek
Technical secretary: Bobbi Schijf

Further details

Country: Indonesia

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