028-i. Advice: use and harmonisation of project appraisal instruments

The NCEA issued an advice in which it assesses 25 instruments that can be used by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for project preparation and appraisal. Based on this assessment, it recommends on application of and harmonisation between these instruments.

Advisory reports and other documents

30 Nov 1999: Other
Accompanying letter NL
Advice NL

Significant details

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs aimed to increase harmonisation between various instruments for environmental appraisal and other types of project preparation/appraisal. For that purpose, it asked the NCEA to analyse available instruments and to prepare an advice on harmonisation.

In two advisory reports, the NCEA answered the following questions for 25 instruments:

  • How, where and when are these instruments applied by the Embassies and the Ministry?
  • In which phase of the activity cycle can these instruments be applied?
  • How can tuning be achieved and is integration of these instruments possible?

The two advisory reports describe:

  • Problem statement and objectives of the advice, the inventarisation and appraisal of instruments, and conclusions and recommendations (in Dutch);
  • A description of each of the 25 instruments (in English), including:
    • 5 non-thematic instruments (e.g. sector analysis, context analysis)
    • 3 poverty instruments (e.g. poverty assessment)
    • 4 social/gender instruments (e.g. social impact assessment, gender assessment study)
    • 5 environmental instruments (e.g. strategic environmental assessment, health impact assessment)
    • 3 economic instruments (e.g. cost-benefit analysis).

In its advice, te NCEA recommends a number of instruments for preparation and appraisal of policies, plans and programmes, from which in each case one instrument should be selected. For projects, it recommends to use the instrument that gives most information on the theme that is essential for sustainability and durability of the project. For integral appraisal of policies, plans and programmes it recommends to use 'integral impact assessment' or - if this is not possible - the more superficial 'environmental overview'.

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Ria Brouwers
Wouter de Groot
Menno Keuken
Jan Douwe Meindertsma
van de Sijp

Chair: Dick de Zeeuw
Technical secretary: Reinoud Post

Proponent and Component Authority

Component Authority
Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Further details

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