Senegal: Independent advice on rehabilitation plan delivered

7 September 2023

How to rehabilitate abandoned quarries the best way? At the Ministry of Mines and Geology in Senegal, the Directorate of Control and Surveillance of Mining Operations (DCSOM) is charged with these and other questions. DCSOM wants to develop a strategy for control and environmental and social monitoring of mining projects, including closure and rehabilitation, and has requested for the technical support of the NCEA in this. As part of the MoU, the NCEA has now delivered an independent advice on a rehabilitation plan for the abandoned sand quarry of Kamb Souf in the Diourbel region. It serves as a pilot project for the remaining abandoned quarries that will be rehabilitated. The plan was supposed to be accompanied by an ESIA, and the most important recommandation was indeed to ensure this is properly done for the remaining plans. The independent advisory report can be found here.