SEA for development plan Sankarani: full speed ahead!

21 March 2023

Good news for communities around the lake in the Sankarani river basin: the joint activities for the integrated development plan and accompanying SEA are carried out as planned, which means that the plan is coming to its final stage. 

In a recent workshop in Bamako, representatives from the involved municipalities, the VNGI and the NCEA discussed issues which need te be considered before finalising the plan. In addition, lessons learnt from the past two years were shared. Participants expressed for example, that they have become aware of the importance of looking for sustainable alternatives for artisinal gold mining. And that better regulation of economic activities should definitely be a priority in the coming years. 

Overall, they were very enthusiastic about the SEA process, for most of them it was their first acquaintance. 

The NCEA is coaching this SEA process. For more information, visit the project site.