Review ESIA published for hospital - Burkina Faso

16 January 2023

Following our news item in November, we hereby publish our advisory report (in French) on the ESIA and Livelihood Restoration Plan for a new hospital in the East of Burkina Faso, developed by the Ministry of Health. 

The ESIA and Livelihood Restoration Plan - financed by Invest International - provide valuable information for the sustainable development of the hospital and facilitates the participation of stakeholders. It was our pleasure to review the draft studies and we are pleased to hear that our recommendations have been taken into consideration.
Some examples:

  • Additional discussions with women and ethnic Peulh are undertaken.
  • More information on conflict dynamics and waste management will be added.
  • There will be more clarity on how the sustainability of local water and energy use is envisioned. 

We look forward to receiving the final reports!