NCEA support to SEA for oil/gas exploration in Ghana's Volta basin

18 November 2015

november 2015 - ghanaThe NCEA visited Ghana in the framework of a strategic environmental assessment (SEA) to be undertaken for oil/gas exploration in the Voltaian basin. The NCEA contributed to a kickoff workshop for this SEA and assessed opportunities for NCEA support in the SEA process. It was agreed that the NCEA’s role will be similar to its role in the earlier SEA for offshore oil/gas (2010-2013). This means that the NCEA will provide coaching, support and quality assurance of the SEA process and products. The SEA is funded by the Norwegian Oil for Development (OfD) programme and will be undertaken by Norwegian consultants and a Ghanaian SEA team. See also news item at Starrfmonline.