Mauritania: Review of the SEA for the mining sector published

9 April 2024

The NCEA has been requested by the Mauritanian ministry for Environment to provide a review of the SEA for the mining sector.

In 2022, the Ministry of Environment commissioned a strategic environmental assessment (SEA) of the mining sector to ensure that environmental and social aspects are taken into account in the governance of the sector. Following receipt of the draft SEA report at the end of 2023, the ministry requested an independent opinion from the NCEA on the quality of the draft SEA report for the mining sector before validation of the report.

For this review, a working group of The NCEA visited Mauritania in February 2024. During this visit the group visited several mining sites and spoke with relevant stakeholders to gather as much information as possible to take onboard in the review of this SEA.

The report and our recommendations are gathered in the (French) report that has been published today.