SEA & IWRM - Ghana

27 March 2023

As part of the Blue Deal programme*, Dutch Waterboards support the Ghanaian Water Resources Commission with the implementation of Integrated Water Resource Management Plans (IWRM). For these plans, often an SEA is carried out. During a recent visit to Accra, the Waterboards and Water Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the NCEA, explored how to align SEA and IWRM activities and create win-win options. Some activities we agreed on:

  • review the SEA process applied to the IWRM plan for the Lower Volta Delta;
  • develop a manual on how to incorporate SEA into IWRM plans; and
  • provide training to Water Resources Commission (WRC) staff in ESIA and SEA. 

In addition, the NCEA discussed possibilities for resuming cooperation with the EPA, such as ESIA and SEA training for new EPA staff and support to an update of the ESIA/SEA regulations. We are looking forward to working with EPA again and supporting them in creating a robust environmental assessment system!

*The Blue Deal is a joint programme of the Dutch Water Authorities and Ministries of Foreign Affairs and of Infrastructure & Water Management, seeking to help solve global water issues. In total there are 17 partnerships in 15 countries. The NCEA is currently exploring possibilities for collaboration in 10 countries