ESIA and SEA orientation workshops in Ethiopia

27 July 2023

Last week, the NCEA facilitated two workshops in Ethiopia. The purpose of the workshops was to assess needs for SEA and ESIA in Ethiopia and within the Blue Deal programme, and where possible to meet and involve participants of the Young Experts Programme (YEP). 

It was a positive week with a lot of orientation, exchange of experiences and learning on both sides. The first workshop was held in Addis Ababa at the office of the Environmental Protection Authority. The second workshop, was organised in Bahir Dar, in the office of the Land and Energy Bureau. Both were co-facilitated by participants of the YEP programme. The participants of the sessions underlined the need for (improved) environmental assessment, especially around follow-up and SEA. Together, they reflected on possible next steps, including renewing and establishing MoUs for further cooperation with the NCEA.