ESIA approach mining sector - Mali

3 April 2023

The NCEA and IGF organised a 4-day workshop to assess the ESIA approach for Mali’s mining sector, using the Mining ESIA Tool (MET). The MET - developed by IGF and the NCEA in 2020 – assesses strengths and weaknesses of a countries' ESIA system in relation to the mining sector. 

The workshop was completed with training on mine closure, including issues such as the use of information from the ESIA process and public participation. Lively discussions between the participants - including government staff, representatives of private sector and civil society – highlighted that:

  • The ESIA procedure is not followed as it should, and a major issue is non-compliance with legislation;
  • There is a need for more coherence and collaboration within the government, and notably about mining;
  • Social issues need more attention, e.g. considering public participation throughout the project, grievance mechanisms, local content and community development plans;
  • Closure and rehabilitation of old mines will become an issue in the near future and need more attention, e.g. regarding biodiversity and social issues. 

The results of the MET and the more general ESY MAP, executed in 2020, form the basis for follow-up activities with both the ministries of Mining and Environment. For example, we are currently discussing a capacity development programme for staff from the ministry. We are looking forward to possible cooperation!