Energetic ‘Water as Leverage’ meeting in Cartagena, Colombia

2 October 2023

Last week, the NCEA was present in Cartagena, Colombia during the presentation of 11 conceptual designs for water management and climate change adaptation in Cartagena. An important step in the ‘Water as Leverage’ trajectory!

Participatory and innovative. These words characterise ‘Water as Leverage Cartagena’, a partnership between the City of Cartagena and the Government of the Netherlands through the Netherlands Enterprise and Development Agency (RVO). ‘Water as Leverage’ focuses on the development of innovative, integrated and implementable projects, through an inclusive process. Two multidisciplinary Colombian-Dutch teams are developing infrastructural interventions for water management and climate change adaptation in Cartagena. 

At the request of RVO and endorsed by the Netherlands Embassy in Bogotá and Invest International, the NCEA is involved to support the process in each of the three stages. To contribute to the environmental and social quality of the projects, the NCEA will amongst others carry out independent quality reviews of assessments and support capacity development of Colombian authorities in the various phases of the partnership. See the project page for more information.

The audience listens attentively to a presentation on one of the conceptual designs.