Advice on best practice EIA for Indonesian Tin mining

27 August 2015

tinmining indonesia kleine resolutieThis report provides recommendations on good practice EIA for tin mining, both off shore and – with a focus on rehabilitation activities – onshore. It deals with environmental issues such as the use of eco-dredging techniques, but also social issues such as the need for clear contractual arrangements between companies and smallholder miners. 

Recommendations aim both at what companies can do and where government could take the lead, such as carrying out an SEA for sector wide solution strategies. The report was requested by the Tin Working Group of the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH) and will be input into the development of a roadmap for responsible tin mining in Indonesia.

Recommendations are based on a desk review of five Indonesian EIAs for existing tin mining and smelting projects. The IDH Tin Working Group is a public - private group consisting of IDH, members of the Electronic Industry Citizenship coalition, Friends of the Earth, the International Tin Industry Association (ITRI) and additional corporate members from the electronics and tinplate industries such as Apple, Asus, Philips, Samsung, Sony, HP, Microsoft and Tata Steel.