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Updated to: 26 September 2013

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Establishing context

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Implementing SEA

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Informing decision making

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SEA practice

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Annual no. of SEAs

Estimated 2 or 3  SEAs undertaken per year (mostly these concern SEAs for Master Plans).

Background information

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History of SEA

SEA has been introduced to Ethiopia quite recently. The EIA proclamation of 2002 make a clear provision for the assessment of 'public instruments' (policies, strategies, programmes, laws and international agreements). However, procedures and guidelines on SEA are not in place.

Legal framework

Enabling law

Environmental Impact Assessment Proclamation No 299/ 2002, which also prescribes impact assessment for policies, programmes, strategies and laws.


Guidelines on how to undertake Strategic Environmental Assessment are available on the website of the Ethiopian Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Scope of application

Policies, programs, strategies and laws.

EIA proclamation No. 229 of 2002 article 13

SEA approach

EIA procedure should be applied to plans according to the EIA proclamation No: 299/ 2002

EIA proclamation No. 229 of 2002 article 13

Institutional setting

Central SEA authority

Environment Protection Council: The EPC is to ensure integration and harmony of environmental concerns with development policies, strategies and plans. In addition, the Council is mandated to (i) deliberate upon policy matters concerning environmental protection and (ii) evaluate and approve directives and standards issued by EPA .

Proclamation for the Establishment EPA (proclamation No. 9 of 1995). Negarit Gazeta of the FDRE, Addis Ababa, 1995. Article 10

Initiator of the SEA

The EIA proclamation provides that the owner of the policy, plan or strategy is responsible for ensuring that their proposal is subjected to an EIA.

EIA proclamation No. 229 of 2002 article 13


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Ministry of Environmental Protection and Forestry (established in June 2013)

The Ministry is established through a transformation of the Environmental Protection Agency whose contact details are:
Environmental Protection Agency
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia