The NCEA is a foundation. It acts as an independent body of experts for ESIA and SEA procedures in the Netherlands and abroad.

The work of the NCEA is founded on three principles: expertise, independence and transparency. It is the combination of these three that allows the NCEA to be an impartial observer and reviewer of environmental and social information. 

Working approach

The day-to-day work is carried out by technical and project secretaries at the secretariat in Utrecht. For a large part of the NCEA's work - advice on ESIA / SEA for specific projects and programmes, training, individual advice - it may call upon a pool of several hundred experts. These (international) experts work at universities, consultancies and research institutes, allowing the NCEA to organise any expertise required for any advice on ESIA / SEA or in relation to our Sustainability Advice Programme. 

Frequently asked questions

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