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IUCN-NL and WWF-NL work together in a Dutch-funded Strategic Partnership called SRJS: Shared Resources, Joint Solutions (2017-2020). The NCEA has an agreement with SRJS to develop joint capacity building programmes and Zambia is one of the focus countries and regions.  

Advisory reports and other documents

-: Advisory review

Final Report Zambia July 2018

26 Jun 2017: Implementation report

ESIA exploratory mission report June 2017 - Zambia

Significant details

In SRJS, ESIA/SEA processes are seen as relevant instruments to implement a multi-stakeholder landscape approach.  
In Zambia, the NCEA cooperates with WWF Zambia to further increase the capacity in ESIA/SEA systems and practice. This cooperation takes place within the framework of the Zambia Basin Freshwater Strategy (2016-2020) of WWF Zambia and Mozambique. A key partner in this cooperation is the Zambia Environmental Management Authority (ZEMA). The activities in Zambia mainly focus on strengthening CSO's skills in engaging in ESIA/SEA processes, ZEMA's capacity to fulfill their mandate and improvements in the regulatory framework. 

Parties involved

Technical secretary: ms L. Özay

Further details

Started: 01 May 2018
Completed: Ongoing


Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
Stakeholder engagement
Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)

Country/region/theme: Zambia

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