7228. Review scoping report and ToR for ESIA for EACOP-Uganda

The Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment received a delegation of five persons from the Ugandan National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) with the aim to jointly review the Terms of Reference and the Scoping Report for the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) to be undertaken for the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) Project.  

Advisory reports and other documents

29 Sep 2017: Advisory review

Review of scoping report and ToR for ESIA EACOP Uganda

Significant details

The EACOP, for which the governments of Uganda and Tanzania recently signed an Inter Governmental Agreement, is 1445 km long and will transport crude oil from Kabaale in Uganda to the Chongoleani peninsula near Tanga port in Tanzania. 

For the joint review an NCEA working group of experts was composed, contributing to the five-day working session with the NEMA delegation, which took place from 18 to 22 September 2017, and focused on quality assurance. The findings of the joint review are presented in the advisory report.


Parties involved

Members of the working group

mr A.J. van Bodegom
mr J.P. van Dessel
mr J. Griffioen
mr T. Ogwang

Chairman of the working group: mr R. Rabbinge

Technical secretary: ms I.A. Steinhauer

Further details

Started: 01 Jun 2017
Completed: 22 Sep 2017


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