7221. Advice on ESIA’s for Land Development Company Beira Mozambique

The NCEA, together with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and FMO, the Dutch development bank, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGIS) collaborated in the preparation of the Terms of Reference for three Environmental and Social Impact Assessments to be carried out for the Land Development Company (LDC) project in the City of Beira, Mozambique. It is envisaged that the LDC will develop two designated sites for housing and industrial activities. For this sand will need to be dredged from the sea near Beira.

Significant details

The ToR refer to connected, but separate ESIAs for three project activities:

  • Residential area 500 ha (including 50 ha pilot project)

  • Industrial area 500 ha (including 50 ha pilot project)

  • Sand collection for both land development project areas

Parties involved

Technical secretary: ms I.A. Steinhauer

Further details

Started: 26 Jan 2017
Completed: Ongoing

Country/region/theme: Mozambique

Last modified: 10 Jul 2018