396-i. Advisory review: scoping study and ToR for sugar plantation

The EcoFarm Sugar Plantation is benefiting from ORIO funding. Therefore, the Netherlands Embassy in Mozambique was asked to react on the above mentioned EPDA–Scoping report. The Netherlands Embassy subsequently approached the NCEA to support the Embassy through providing an advice on whether the scoping report and way forward are adequate. The consultants (Coastal and Environmental Services, CES) will send the report to the Zambezi Valley Agency for comments as well. CES will have to present the EPDA to MICOA by 19 September according to their obligation under the ORIO/Ecofarm contract. Therefore the NCEA advice is asked before August 26 and will be used to improve the EPDA before submitting it to MICOA.

Parties involved

Technical secretary: ms I.A. Steinhauer

Further details

Completed: 21 Aug 2013

Country/region/theme: Mozambique

Last modified: 25 Aug 2014