382-i. Memorandum: EIA mapping

The NCEA conducted an EIA mapping workshop to assess the EIA system in Uganda, and presented its results in a memorandum.

Significant details

The NCEA was involved in strengthening of the EIA system in Uganda. As part of this assistance, it undertook a two-day EIA mapping workshop in July of 2011 to assess the current EIA system. The mapping questionnaire was completed by a group of stakeholders from various backgrounds. Based on its results, a memorandum was produced by the NCEA to inform the Environmental Management Agency (NEMA). This memorandum presents the status of a wide variety of EIA system aspects in Uganda, covering EIA law and practice, and decision-making law and practice.

Parties involved

Further details

Completed: 05 Jul 2011

Country/region/theme: Uganda

Last modified: 14 Aug 2014