20 February 2018

Two new articles

EIAR publicationOvercoming low EIA performance : A diagnostic tool for the deliberate development of EIA system capacities in low and middle income countries 

Authors: Kolhoff, Arend J.; Driessen, Peter P.J.; Runhaar, Hens A.C.. In: Environmental Impact Assessment Review, volume 68, pp. 98 - 108.


A contribution to the conceptualisation of quality in impact assessment

Authors: Alan James Bond; Francois Retief; Ben Cave; Monica Fundingsland; Peter N Duinker; Rob Verheem; A.L. Brown. In Environmental Impact Assessment Review, volume 68, pp. 49-58

01 February 2018

Exciting times for ESIA / SEA in Rwanda

5-07 Musanze - Gisenyi roadThe new Environment Law - with chapters on ESIA and SEA - is now being discussed in parliament. When the law is adopted, SEA will be officially introduced in Rwanda! Furthermore, the ministry of Environment is currently developing a new Environment and Climate Change policy in which SEA will be integrated. And last but not least, the Rwanda Environmental Management Authority (REMA) has identified SEA as the main tool for mainstreaming environment and climate change in the country’s National Strategy for Transformation and Proseperity 2018-2024. The NCEA visited Rwanda last month to discuss possible support.