26 July 2017

Finalising the Voltaian Basin oil/gas SEA, Ghana

July 2017 - GhanaThe SEA for the onshore oil and gas developments in the Voltaian Basin in Ghana is drawing to an end. After an intensive process that took off in March 2016, it is now time to finalise the SEA and to think about its follow-up. During a three-day meeting of the SEA team, the NCEA participated to discuss the conclusion of SEA recommendations. We also supported the drafting of an implementation plan for the follow-up phase. Next steps will be the preparation of the SEA summary, contents report and process report. These will be presented to the relevant Ministers in September.

17 July 2017

SEA introduction training in The Philippines

July 2017 - PhilippinesIUCN NL and the NCEA jointly organised an SEA introduction training in The Philippines. The training is part of the Shared Resources, Joint Solutions partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A group consisting of local and national NGOs, government agencies and researchers have joined this training to be able to bring the current draft SEA regulation a step further. In the second week of June, a group of 40 people looked at elements of a good practice SEA system in their country and concluded that next steps should focus on improving the SEA regulation and raising awareness of its importance for The Philippines.

12 July 2017

Scholarship programme for environmental assessment professionals in Africa

July 2017 - CLEAAThe network for Capacity Development and Linkages for Environmental Assessment in Africa (CLEAA) has announced the re-launch of its Professional Development Fellowship Programme for environmental and social assessment and management professionals. The programme is open to African young and mid-career professionals, working in governments, non-governmental organisations, private or voluntary organisations, universities, and local African consultancy firms.

Candidates are requested to submit a curriculum vitae and a short proposal on what the candidate plans to undertake, according to these instructions.

The deadline for submission of applications is 31 July 2017.

10 July 2017

NCEA's annual report 2016 online!

NCEA's annual report 2016 is now online. In a website format, facts and figures are presented and background information is provided on a variety of topics and themes. For example, concerning our work in the Netherlands, we shortly introduce the topic of pilot projects in which we explore how environmental assessment offers optimal support for choices in environmental planning strategies. We also look at the link between environmental assessment and participation and explore how environmental assessment assists the transition to sustainable energy.
In our international work, our support to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) is highligthed. With RVO we cooperate to achieve good-quality environmental assessment reports for Dutch investments in low and middle income countries. Furthermore we pay attention to a publication on environmental assessment and climate change, comprising case studies from around the world. And we discuss how SEA might be helpful in accommodating contradicting issues concerning safeguarding water. 



10 July 2017

Partnership WWF-NL and NCEA

July 2017 - WWFThe World Wildlife Fund (NL) and the NCEA are now officially partners in the Shared Resources, Joint Solutions programme! Marieke Harteveld, Chief Conservation Officer of WWF-NL, and Director Rob Verheem of the NCEA signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The two organisations will cooperate in the period 2017-2020 in strengthening the capability of stakeholders in ESIA and SEA processes in a number of SRJS countries and regions.