There is currently no legal framework for EIA or SEA in Surinam. The new Environmental Law that is under development will establish a legal framework for EIA. Meantime, the Surinam government has acknowledged the importance of EIA. The government signed the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Convention on the Law of the Sea, which address EIA. As part of the Biodiversity Strategy, the government aims to strengthen the government institutions, NGOs and private businesses engaged in the preparation of EIA. In addition, the National Institute for Environment and Development (NIMOS) has issued guidance on EIA, and been tasked with review of EIA reports. NIMOS also advises on the screening decision and scope of EIAs. 


ESIA & SEA workshops in Suriname and Guyana

Webpages | 04-12-2017

ESIA & SEA workshops in Suriname and Guyana

Guyana and Suriname aim to improve their ESIA and SEA systems. IUCN-NL, WWF and their local partners want to contribute to this, in the framework of the…