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Updated to: 09 October 2013

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Contact & history

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History of SEA

SEA has no legal basis, but is identified as important tool for planning in the National Environmental Policy 2005. Environmental Policy of 2005 states that SEA would be stimulated as a tool for integrating environment into decision-making.

As for EIA, the institutional setting for SEA and also the its legal framework are currently undergoing major changes. With the 18th amendment of the Pakistani constitution, responsibilities for environmental management are devolved to the regional level. This also applies to SEA. As a consequence, the provinces and independent regions in Pakistan draft their own SEA regulation. In the scope of the National Impact Assessment Programme (see a very detailed review of the Pakistan Environmental Protection Act of 1997 was undertaken in 2012, and a draft Act developed for the provinces to use as a template. In 2013 and 2014 the provinces are expected to pass bills in the respective provincial assemblies, enacting the provincial environmental law.

National Impact Assessment Programme Annual Technical and Financial Progress Report 2012 & Annual Work Plan 2013

Legal framework for SEA

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Institutional setting for SEA

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SEA procedure

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Establishing context

Implementing the SEA

Informing and influencing decision-making

Follow up

SEA practice

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