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Updated to: 26 September 2013

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Contact & history

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Country's planning system

The Planning Commission is the central planning agency and it resides within the Ministry of Planning. It guides the country's development strategy and approves development projects that are formulted under 5 year plans. It also supervises those projects. The Commission further has the authority to supervise and co-ordinate cross-sectoral and inter-ministerial activities influencing the use of environment and natural resources.

Kabir SMZ, (2012). A critical evaluation of the environmental impact assessment system in Bangladesh using a holistic approach. University of Newcastle.

History of SEA

Bangladesh has no legal provisions for SEA. In 2007, a first SEA has been done on the water sector program and the agriculture sector program.

Legal framework for SEA

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Institutional setting for SEA

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SEA procedure

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Establishing context

Implementing the SEA

Informing and influencing decision-making


SEA practice

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Year of first SEA


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